Dynamic Technology Lab Pte. Ltd. (DTL) strives to maintain an open and flexible working environment where employees are encouraged to constantly seek innovation and improvement in their works. Innovative engineering and research is the core theme of our office culture and we are not afraid of failures for our R&D works.

We maintain a flat management structure. Juniors are encouraged to discuss with or challenge the seniors for ideas. With an open culture, any suggestions could be brought up to senior management and major decisions will be made with full consideration of all employees in the company.

Though a significant amount of work is done individually, our work nature demands a lot of cooperation among researchers, data scientists, developers, traders and portfolio managers. We work together to achieve our shared goals.

To foster a culture of innovation we have weekly research presentations where all researchers get together to share their findings and ideas. There are also regular meetings to discuss how to improve our systems and operations.

We strive to maintain a casual, flexible and comfortable working environment to maximize productivity. We do not have any specific dress code and plenty of refreshments like fruits and snacks is provided.